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  • 10/19/16--21:17: Re: VSAN Issue
  • Hello,


    Good day !


    1. The "Mounted" status which you see in the vSAN Cluster -> Manage -> Disk management -> Disk Group-> "Operational status" is actually the physical status of the disk.

    2. The CMMDS: FALSE indicates the vSAN has unclaimed the disk temporarily from the vSAN datastore due to the above mentioned issues. You can also see this in the same screenshot which you have pasted here.

    vSAN Cluster -> Manage -> Disk management -> Disk Group-> vSAN health Status

    A working/claimed/mounted disk should be listed here as "Healthy"

    -Also when you run df -h on the affected host, you will see reduction in the actual size of the vSAN datastore


    3. Re-mount or force mount should allow the disks to be mounted back to the hosts else reboot should get them online.


    I hope this answers your question.



    Pradeep Venkatesh

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    I'm using vCenter Version 5.5.0 Build 1945276.


    I'm trying to create a CentOS VM from a template. The template has two NICs (private and public), and I want to assign IPs to both of the NICs I'm trying to assign the IPs via VM customization. I'm giving two IPs, two gateways and two netmasks as input to VM creation wizard.


    When the VM gets created the IPs and Netmask information is properly applied but the default gateway is not applied for the second NIC. Because of this I'm not able to connect to VM via public IP. [For Ubuntu and Windows 2008 the both gateways are properly applied]


    When I do `ip route`, I should see two default gateways in the output like (which I see on Windows and Ubuntu template VMs)


    default via a.b.c.d dev eth0
    default via p.q.r.s dev eth1


    But in the output, I only see one gateway

    default via a.b.c.d dev eth0


    Also, when I only apply public NIC and do the configuration public gateway is properly applied. But whenever I add both private and public NICs then for second NIC the gateway information is not set

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    It works for me too, thanks


    Go to C:\Users\Name of User\Documents\Virtual Machines\name of  Virtual machine\

    look for a file "name of  Virtual machine".vmx and open it with Notepad

    and insert smc.version = 0. Save As and Yes to replace

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    仮想マシンの .vmwarevm で終わるバンドルを、標準で作成した場合に保存されるディレクトリである /Users/[user]/Documents/仮想マシン/ の下に移動してから開いてみたところ、仮想マシンのライブラリ上でも「仮想マシン」フォルダの下に表示されることが確認できました。


    自分の場合、もう一つ仮想マシンがありまして、どちらも /Users/Shared ディレクトリではなく、外付けのSSDに仮想マシンの .vmwarevm で終わるバンドルを保存しておりました。






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    dear all




    i have a question about disk space this is my senario:


    i have acreated a virtual machine with 50G HDD now i have increase my vm disk space to 100G from vm edit setting now i want decrease disk space from 100 to 50G my main question is now when decrease disk from 100G to 50G how can add this 50G free space to main datastore on esxi or how can reclaim ?




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    How is your VC 10 configured? C3000 or C7000? Do you have secondary mezz cards in each blade? You can't team between VC interconnects and I wouldn't recommend trying. I have messed with this in my home C3000 lab and it just ends with VSAN getting really really annoyed.


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    SMP-FT has been supported since 6.0 Update 1.


    Please see the following blog post on


    Whats New – VMware Virtual SAN 6.1 - Virtual Blocks

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    After migrating your vm to another host, have you tried rebooting the vm to see if connectivity is restored?

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  • 10/20/16--11:16: Re: VSAN issue
  • Yes, you should do this on all of your hosts. vmk ports do not like to be jumped around on different physical NICs.

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  • 10/20/16--11:12: Re: VSAN issue
  • I can't move them to another subnet.  I have removed the VMK port on ESXi3 and enabled it on the management interface.  For the management interface on ESXi3 I have one NIC active the other in standby.   I am still getting the error.

    I have removed the VSAN vmk from all hosts and have VSAN on the management port.


    Thanks for the help.  This has been driving me nuts.

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    i am also facing same type of problem, i have created windows 10 MDT image and have create the clone by using that. now i have created the template but i am adding template and creating new machines its getting failed with protocol failure error. i have cross checked in v-centre vms was creating but somehow domain is not joining in these machines. can anyone help?

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  • 10/20/16--11:24: Re: VSAN issue
  • ok done on all hosts and still have the error.   Again ESXi1 and ESXi2 show the correct capacity no matter how many times i refresh.  It is only ESXi3 which is nested.


    ESXi1 - HP ML310

    ESXi2- Dell PowerEdge R710

    ESXi3 - Nested VM on Dell PowerEdge


    Just noticed this message.  Virtual SAN cluster  NY has one or more hosts that need disk format upgrade.  ny-esxi2, ny-esxi3.  For more detailed information of Virtual SAN upgrade, please see the 'Virtual SAN upgrade procedure' section in the documentation.

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    kb says what is says:

    VCM going to provide points 1 and 3 from the list on this ms blog (A Bit About the Windows Servicing Model | Ask Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Platforms):

    Security-Only Update

        Collects all of the security patches for that month into a single update

    Net Framework Security-Only Update

        Contains only security updates


    If you definitely need non-security patches it still should be possible via VCM but you will need to work out this as a separate deployment package with al pro/cons on the process.


    We might want to wait till microsoft will release first update made in the new way to see how exactly it will be handled by vcm).

    Also you might log an SR to get more inside and awareness about this case.

    Regards, Oleg

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  • 10/20/16--11:36: Re: VSAN issue
  • Can you include screen shots of all of your virtual switch, and VMK settings? Also the VM portgroup on host2 which is hosting host 3?


    I just want to see how the networking is configured top to bottom.

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    I have a P2000 G3 connected to an older DL580 G7 and it's running 6.0U1b without any issues.

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    If you do end up opening an SR, please let us know the outcome.

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    i am also facing the same issue which you have faced in past. i am assuming you got the solution of your question below if yes indeed i am seeking for your help?   

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    For the cache layer, absolutely do not use the TLC drive. This will cause inconsistency in the performance and definitely would have noticeable performance issues during heavy use. You can use VCG supported TLC drives for your capacity layer if you want but I would not do it for cache.

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    VMware Horizon View Secret Weapon - VMware Blogs  This shows how to fire off VBScripts AND it has delays!    All using VMware scripting Host


    Hope that helps


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    I arrived here via Google search as VMware Fusion 8.5  running on MacOS Sierra 10.12 froze and no longer responded to any GUI interactions.

    Prior to discovering this, I'd been away from my Mac for over 24 hours.

    Historically, these 2 Windows 10 guest VM's ran just fine under VMware Fusion on prior MacOS releases -- including VMware Fusion 8.5, to which I'd upgraded prior to upgrading MacOS to Sierra.

    2 Windows 10 guest VM's that I'd left running could not be accessed via VMware Fusion 8.5 GUI.

    I was able to access the Windows 10 guest VM's via Microsoft RDP from a separate workstation, where I was then able to properly shut them down. When I did so, nothing changed on VMware Fusion 8.5 GUI screens that I still had open on my Mac.

    I then force quit VMware Fusion 8.5 and found that all other MacOS applications still functioned. I re-started my Mac, checked all affected disks with DiskWarrior, started up Fusion 8.5 and my 2 Windows 10 VM's, logged into those VM's and ran Windows checkdisk -- no Windows-reported errors.

    Left running VM's in identical state to above. 24 hours later, I found VMware Fusion 8.5 and my 2 guest VM's frozen and unresponsive as before.


    ChrisColotti(VMware): Thank you for your latest report, indicating that this problem is related to "sierra sleep protocol." Unfortunately, I can find no "post below" that you reference in order to read further.

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